I often sit with young men, speak with pastors and other ministry leaders and spend much time watching and dealing with people….both church people and people outside of the church.

As I do, I see so often people trying to advance themselves, climb higher, get more, move to a “different” or “better” place in their minds. I see people who feel or think they are beneath others because they don’t have what others have and I find others thinking they are above others for just the opposite reason….sadly, this does NOT pass over those in ministry. (sigh)

It’s good to aspire to lead….but the truth of the matter is we need…no, we need to allow the Lord Jesus to be exalted and praised and honored and glorified! We must seek to make much of Him! Our job isn’t to build our little kingdoms or our names. He alone is worthy!

So often we forget that God is in control.  In spite of what the “books” and “talking heads” say or other “ministry leaders” do and say, God is BIG & we need to get out of His way and allow Him to “promote” and advance us….not us advance us and just give an appearance that we are living for and attempting to advance His fame, His gospel, and glorifying Him.  Remember, it is possible to deceive others and yourself into thinking you are living for and are all about Jesus and the gospel when you are really only about yourself, your agenda and your “kingdom.”

So, I encourage you….refocus…reconsider…and rest in Jesus, what He calls you to….he’s the “best promoter”!

Check your motives….ask the Lord what He wants, really wants….trust Him & exalt Him, not you! Walk in humility…real humility, not false or crouched humility!  And above all: make much of Jesus!

How’re you doing? Whose glory are you seeking? Whose dream are you living?

Work? YES! Pray? YES! Aspire? YES! Study? YES! Try? YES! Connect? YES! But ALL for Jesus! Not us!

Who can you encourage? Who can you help? Who can you support?

(ALL of us need encouragement, help, support…and this on many levels. Maybe with a note, a call, a text, giving a their name to someone else. Maybe buy them breakfast/lunch/dinner! Send them and their family a gift card for gas, groceries…something else! Find out a need they have and see how the Lord can use you, your family, your church, you and your friends to help and meet it! Take them on monthly/quarterly financially to help/support them with a gift. Get creative! Show them love….how you love or believe in them, their life, their family, their ministry. What’s the Lord put/putting on your heart?)

Don’t just talk it. Truly live it & leave the results & THE GLORY to Jesus & don’t be a glory thief!

I pray this short writing from Vancer Havner will serve to encourage you to do just that.



“Promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”–Psalm 75:6,7

Promotion in this world is by no means based on merit. Not even in the religious world. Some of the best preachers hold forth in obscure places, while some who cannot and never will preach occupy important pulpits.

God’s system of promotion does not follow the pattern of this age. It may look like anything but promotion, as when the Spirit sent Philip out of a spiritual awakening into a desert. God “hides” some of His best talent in unknown corners and buries some of His ablest servants in the depths of heathenism. He seems to waste some of His choicest men. They get scant recognition in this scrambled church world today, where servants ride on horses and princes walk as servants. Today, as ever, the prophet walks in the steps of his Lord, without honor in his own country.

It comes to this: which kind of promotion do we seek? A smart politician who knows the “right” people can attain to considerable eminence down here. But the man who lets God promote him is spared all that fever. God may set him in a high place to the chagrin of some of his contemporaries. If he never gets a newspaper headline he will lose no sleep over it, for any place is a “large place” if it is God’s place.

(Havner, Vance. Day by Day: 366 Devotions. Grand Rapids, Mich: Baker Book House, 1953.)