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Developing Leaders With A Passion For Christ

Hi, I’m Matt and I am “ON FIRE for Jesus” and it is my passion for other Christians to be as well. Rather than being bogged down with the digital noise of this world, it is my desire for the God’s people to see and live for Christ.

My Story

Matt is originally from Greenville, KY and is the former pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Central City, KY. During his two years as pastor of Temple Baptist, God greatly blessed as they saw the attendance grow from 40 in Sunday School to 90-100 and well over 100 in the main service.

During this time the church grew not only numerically, but also financially, in giving to the Cooperative Program, local Association. But the greatest growth that was seen was the spiritual growth of the people. During his pastorate the church baptized more people in two years than the church had previously baptized in five years combined.

Currently, Matt is an evangelist who travels extensively across America, preaching in all types of churches (i.e. big & small, new & old, wealthy & poor, traditional & contemporary) in Revivals, Men’s Conferences and Youth Events. Matt is also available for Bible Conferences, Pastors Conferences or even one day engagements.

Matt has also written two men’s Bible studies and has taught them at his church, Thomas Road and other churches entitled “The Man of Integrity” and “A Man After God’s Heart.”  Matt has also written and presented a youth conference entitled “Heart, Mind & Body:  100% Pure!”  He and is in the process of offering these to churches, men’s ministries, and youth ministries and groups.

Matt holds a BS in Biblical Studies from Liberty University and an MAR in Evangelism, Church Health & Church Growth from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.  Matt was working on finishing up his MDiv from LBTS in Apologetics & Theology, but put that on hold in order to focus more on time with his family with such a busy preaching schedule.

He is an active member of Thomas Road Baptist Church and is married to the love his life, Nikki and they have a daughter, Lexi.

My Values & Beliefs


I will to the best of my ability seek to preach those messages the Lord lays upon my heart. While it is likely, as an evangelist, that many of those messages the Lord most blesses will be repeated in other meetings, I will pray that the Lord will deliver me from preaching “canned sermons” and from my head rather than my heart. You can rest assured that I will not badger or browbeat your church. I will preach God’s Word and will preach it as the Lord leads me with boldness and passion.

Invitation & Decisions

 I am under no compulsion to “produce” decisions, meet a quota and have no record to uphold. That is not what I am about nor do I agree with that type or style of preaching. I give you my word that I will pray, prepare and preach to the best of my ability and then trust the Lord to give whatever increase he pleases. I promise you there will be no tricks or high-pressured invitations. They will be clear, to the point, and given in courtesy. I will do my best to be sensitive to the working and leadership of the Spirit of God.

Support and Funding

I do not have a fee or particular amount that I charge to come to your church or event. Some churches or events provide an honorarium, others provide a love offering, and many provide both. What I do ask is if the event you invite me to participate in were more than four and a half hours from my home I would ask for a plane ticket and a hotel to stay in. If it is less than four and a half hours I will drive to event, but would still ask for a hotel room and reimbursement of mileage in order to get there. I leave the way you will pay me for preaching up to you. As an evangelist, husband and father I do have needs just like everyone else, but under no circumstances will I promote the offering.

The sincere pastor who uses a full-time evangelist will recognize and realize the special needs of this calling and will lead the church to give a worthy offering and/or honorarium. If the Lord has led you to invite me, He will lead you to know what I need to continue this work He has called us to.

I do not seek and will not seek the names of your people for a mailing list nor will I write them asking for support after the meeting is over. If they or your church wish to support this ministry it will be done, we believe, by the leadership of the Holy Spirit and not by our badgering and/or begging.

The Pastor

It is my desire as a former pastor and the son of pastor to be a help and encouragement to you. I know and understand that you and your family have many heartaches, as well as many joys, in the ministry that the Lord has called you to. My hearts desire is to honor you and lift you up. Rest assured that I will do my best to faithfully preach God’s Word and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. I am your guest and I want to be used of God to help you and encourage you and your family.

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